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            Gemini Janitorial Services was founded in 1984 by Janet Killian-Welte. At that time, she decided to focus on providing commercial... READ MORE

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            You would not expect another office to settle for second rate commercial cleaning services if they had a choice, so why don't you... READ MORE

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            Gemini prefers to work with new customers on a personal level and visit their site(s) before providing a cost of service quote. Please use the form below... READ MORE

            "We CAN WORK FOR YOU. WE SERVICE any commercial BUSINESS,
            including financial institutions, medical facilities, schools, office buildings and industrial institutions."
            - Janet Killian-Welte,
            Commercial Cleaning
            ServicesSince 1984, Gemini Janitorial Services has been cleaning professional offices in the Greater Delaware Valley.
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            Choosing the best cleaning services Wilmington DE has to offer will be one of the most important decisions you will make.

            We proudly support:

            Ministry of Caring

            Janet Killian, founder of Gemini Janitorial Services, proudly serves as President of the Guild for the Ministry of Caring. The Ministry of Caring is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides a network of social, health and support services for those living in poverty, including the homeless and working poor, in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area.

            Delaware Humane Association

            Gemini Janitorial Services is a proud In Kind sponsor of Delaware Humane Association.

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